Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (2023)

Sebille Kaleran, the former slave who now hunts her former master, is vicious both in battle and in speech throughout Divinity Original Sin 2. Always cunning, she can be defensive and guarded due to the brutality she has suffered in the past. Yet, throughout their journey, the player can slowly get her to open up.

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Like all available party members, Sebille is more than capable of taking on any role; however, some classes fit better with her innate skills or simply reflect her personality more closely. When taking this deadly elf along for the adventure, consider the following builds to help her deal as much damage as possible.

Updated September 15, 2021 by Demaris Oxman: Sebille's story is one of the most intriguing and moving in Divinity: Original Sin 2, leading many players to take her along on their journey. Though she prefers to hide in the shadows and slit throats quietly, she's incredibly versatile in the classes she can take on within the party. To help players realize her potential, this guide has been updated with an additional class suggestion, as well as key skills to keep in mind when building her within these roles.

8 Knight

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (1)

A bulky, axe-wielding, frontlines warrior may not seem to fit Sebille's character at first glance. While it's true that this may not be the best fit lore-wise, it works very well from a gameplay standpoint. With her racial skill Flesh Sacrifice, Sebille can gain an extra action point and a 10% damage boost, allowing her to deal heavy blows.

If players build her correctly, Sebille can be a terror in the midst of battle. Warfare skills allow her to inflict Cripple and Knocked Down on enemies, rendering them incapacitated before she wails on them.

Key Stats For This Build

  • Naturally, Strength is vital, as two-handed weapons and Warfare skills both rely on this attribute.
  • On the same note, Two-Handed and Warfare both allow this class to deal heavy damage to enemies.
  • Sebille in a Knight role will be using Flesh Sacrifice frequently. Since this skill reduces Constitution, it's essential to invest points in this attribute, especially as Knights are typically at the forefront of battle.

7 Conjurer: Summon Mystical Aid

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (2)

As established from the beginning of her story, Sebille likes to lurk out of sight, assessing her foe and waiting for the right moment. What better way to maintain her cover than summoning creatures to do her dirty work for her? As a Conjurer, Sebille can use Summoning skills to do just that, allowing totems and incarnates to take out her foes as she watches.

Additionally, Sebille gets an extra point in Loremaster from this class, adding to the racial Loremaster bonus she has as an Elf. Combined, this provides an excellent boost early on in the game, allowing Sebille to identify objects that can be useful to the party.

Key Stats For This Build

  • Constitution ensures that Sebille (and therefore her summons) will stay alive as long as possible.
  • Conjurers typically use magical weapons such as staves or wands, which scale with Intelligence.
  • Summoning determines the Vitality and Armor stats of all summoned creatures.
  • It's worth investing a few points in Pyromancy, Geomancy, and Polymorph, as these all have skills that involve summoning a creature (Fire Slug, Hungry Flower, and Oily Blob, respectively).

6 Enchanter: The Elements At One's Command

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (3)

Throughout the game, Rivellon's elves appear to have a proclivity for magic. As such, the Enchanter fits this race well, as masters of the world's elements. Additionally, this class thrives on ranged damage via Aerotheurge and Hydrosophist skills, perfect for someone like Sebille who prefers to strike from afar.

Though Sebille is more than comfortable dealing damage, she also grows fiercely loyal to the player over time, making the support aspect of the Enchanter class a surprisingly good fit. Furthermore, as with the Conjurer, this class also gets a Loremaster bonus; thus, Sebille gains the above benefits an Enchanter too.

Key Stats For This Build

  • Aerothurge and Hydrosophist both scale with Intelligence; what's more, this class uses staves as their weapon of choice. Thus, Intelligence is by far the important attribute for the build.
  • Enchanters typically have a large number of spells they must learn; thus Memory is another vital attribute.
  • As the class's main focuses, Aerothurge and Hydrosophist are essential to build early.
Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (4)

Sebille is a strategic, observant fighter who knows the value in taking advantage of her circumstances. The Metamorph class focuses on exactly that, allowing Sebille to adapt both herself and the environment to work in her and her allies' favor.


With Polymorph skills like Spread Your Wings and Medusa Head, Sebille can navigate seemingly impossible battlefields or immobilize the strongest of enemies. As a character who refuses to allow herself to be chained down or trapped, a class that focuses on shifting forms and evading or disabling enemies fits her ethos perfectly.

Key Stats For This Build

  • Metamorphs start with a spear, a weapon which scales with Finesse.
  • Additionally, spears are among the game's Two-Handed weapons; invest points here as well.
  • Working as a crowd-control class, Metamorphs walk the line between offense and support. Constitution is essential for both of these roles.
  • Polymorph is this class's bread and butter. Invest points here to allow Sebille to perform its tricks to the fullest.

4 Inquisitor: Hit Hard With Weapons & Magic

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (5)

Inquisitors are heavy hitters, but they also play with dark magic of the Necromancer variety to outfox their foes. With her ruthless nature, Sebille isn't afraid to dabble in dark magic, or use such forces to achieve her ends.

Though the Warfare combat skill may not appear to suit Sebille, make no mistake — she can still hit hard if the player invests their points correctly. Furthermore, the Inquisitor's starting talent is Executioner, which provides the player with 2 AP upon killing their target. And if any of the main characters would feel a rush of energy after killing, it would be Sebille.

Key Stats For This Build

  • Strength is essential, as many Warfare skills require Strength-based weapons to function.
  • Intelligence governs magical skills, including Necromancer.
  • Warfare allows Sebille to dish out the heavy blows associated with this class, and debilitate her enemies.
  • Necromancer both allows the player to deal damage to foes, and buff party members to deal more damage.

3 Witch: Taking Dark Magic To The Next Level

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (6)

This class fits Sebille in terms of both personality and lore. Masters of both the Scoundrel and Necromancer combat skills, Witches have a deep understanding of both the forces of nature and the energies of life and death. As an elf, Sebille is no stranger to the bloody magic that Necromancers employ, and as an assassin, is used to lurking in the shadows.


The Witch's starting talent, Leech, heals the player while standing in blood. This pairs excellently with the elven racial skill Flesh Sacrifice, which creates a blood surface where the player stands. In addition to this class's practical applications, Witches carry connotations of wickedness — which Sebille does not shy away from.

Key Stats For This Build

  • Though Witches start with wands by default, many Scoundrel skills require a dagger. Since these weapons scale with Finesse, invest in this attribute to maximize Sebille's damage.
  • Magical attacks scale with Intelligence; build this attribute as well.
  • As stated above, Scoundrel and Necomancy are this class's main combat skills.
  • Dual Wielding is often useful for Witches. Whether using wands or daggers, it's best to have one in each hand when playing this role.

2 Rogue: Revel In Backstabs Galore

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (7)

As with most of the other Origin characters, Sebille's starting class fits her personality to a tee. She's accustomed to lurking in the dark, waiting for the right time to strike — just as Rogues do. This class takes advantage of her underhanded methods. She can leap around the battlefield unseen and deliver deadly backstabs with this class's initial talent, Guerilla, which increases damage when sneaking.

As a Rogue, Sebille can inflict statuses such as Sleeping or Bleeding, while avoiding statuses of her own thanks to her unique Source skill Break The Shackles. Plenty of Scoundrel skills allow her to slit throats as only she knows how, turning her into a fantastic DPS.

Key Stats For This Build

  • Wielding a dagger in each hand, Finesse and Dual Wielding are both essential for a Rogue to deal maximum damage.
  • Scoundrel is the skill set that defines this class; invest plenty of points here.
  • As the Guerilla talent relies on sneaking, invest Sebille's Civil Ability points in Sneak when playing a Rogue.

1 Shadowblade: Improvise, Adapt, And Kill

Divinity Original Sin 2: Best Builds For Sebille (8)

This class shares some traits with Rogue, but acts almost as an elevated version. Like the Metamorph, Shadowblades employ Polymorph skills, allowing Sebille the same adaptability that class affords. Alongside these, she can also fall back on reliable Scoundrel skills to do what she does best: spill blood from the shadows.

Like Rogue, this class gives her access to the Guerilla talent, an excellent pairing with the Polymorph skill Chameleon Cloak. Blending into her surroundings, she can hurl knives or knock out enemies with chloroform. For someone as knife-happy as Sebille, there's no better pick.

Key Stats For This Build

  • As with Rogues, Shadowblades attack with daggers; boost Finesse to increase damage.
  • With the wide array of skills at a Shadowblade's disposal, Memory is another good attribute choice.
  • This class's two main combat skills are Scoundrel and Polymorph.
  • Again like Rogues, Sneak is the most useful Civil Ability.

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